How do I use Infinite Webmail?

The web-based e-mail program is your mail stored on our server to be read or until you download it to your server. This is useful for reading mail while on the road or away from home. Once the mail is downloaded to your computer it will no longer be on our mail server. If you chose to use the web-based mail to manage your mail you may place messages in folders in the program for access at anytime you have access to the Internet. These messages will not be downloaded to your computer when you download other messages in your inbox., but will be accessible from any location that has Internet. The calendar is a useful scheduling tool that can be used as an office scheduler if an account is setup that everyone in the office has access to. Please refer to the help item on the menu for answers to specific questions.

To access your webmail or calendar:

  • Click here or go to in a browser.
  • You will see a login screen. Type in your username and password and you will be in the mail program.
  • Click on messages to read them and follow menu items to reply to or delete the message.