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Keep it Clean: 3 Tips for a Cleaner Server Room

Why a clean server room makes all our jobs easier

In our daily routine as Systems Admins, we’ve seen it all when it comes to server rooms. We use the following three steps in order to keep our client’s server rooms clean and our services running efficiently.

1. Keep Cords Untangled to Avoid a Service Nightmare! 

DataSpan’s article on server room cleaning states, “power lines cause interference with network lines – prevent this by bunching like cables with ties.”

Tangled cables make it difficult to troubleshoot or replace equipment. By keeping cords tidy, we are able to quickly identify problems and fix them, thus reducing downtime and offering our clients the best possible service! 

2. Remove Dust and Dirt 

We don’t let the dust settle in our homes, so why would we let it settle in our server room?  We keep the area clean in order to prevent any data center downtime because even a single outage can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. 

3. Regulate Heat and Humidity 

Proper placement and spacing of your server rack and environment help prevent dangerous fluctuations in temperature. The more stable the temperate, the better systems can operate and perform services like email, data backup, and disaster recovery. 

Check out our awesome before and after pictures to see just how much we value a clean server room, and reach out to us if you have any questions about our services or want to schedule a meeting with us! 

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