Windows 8- the First Mobile Desktop Operating System?

Windows 8- the First Mobile Desktop Operating System?

I recently had the pleasure of playing with Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8. I had assumed my first chance to see it would be on a desktop or laptop; however, I witnessed it running on a tablet. In fact, the launch of Windows 8 open beta is this week at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona. Yes, that’s right, Microsoft’s latest operating system is being launched at a mobile conference, a move that many suggest illustrates the strong commitment that the future is mobile.

The Metro-style

Microsoft is labeling it’s new interface, “Metro”. From a design standpoint it is similar to the Windows 7 phone. Extremely clean interface without extra visual distractions. Metro is a typography-based design which reminds me of very European font choices or the the inside of an Ikea catalogue.

What Happened to the Start Screen?

Windows 8 features a new start screen with a far more minimal interface, date, time and some icons to guide you to “Metro apps” the amazing thing about Metro apps are their ability to share data with other applications. in the most simple sense, an application with a photo, could share that photo with another application, allowing a seamless architecture for apps developed for Windows 8.

But, by far the biggest news about Windows 8 is that every device that currently runs Windows 7 will be capable of running Windows 8. The applications will work and this opens up one of the largest marketplaces for app-development. with over 500 million Windows 7 devices world-wide, developers can almost instantly reach a market like Android and iPhone very quickly.